Iron Lung received a notable surge in popularity in June 2023 following the disappearance and implosion of the Titan submersible with five people on-board. Some have compared certain aspects of the game to the circumstances of those on-board the Titan, namely the inability to open the submersible from the inside. The game's creator, David Szymanski, expressed discomfort over this through a series of tweets, the first of which included a weekly sales chart from Steam with the words "This feels so wrong." He then remarked:

"I definitely see the dark humor in this whole Titanic sub thing, it's just... like, I made Iron Lung the most nightmarish thing I could think of, and knowing real people are in that situation right now is pretty horrific, even if it was their own bad decisions. Like all the jokes I've been seeing are hilarious but also good lord nobody should have to die like that."
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month February 24, 2024

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