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Attachment As a backer reward for the game's Kickstarter, backers had the option to provide a message to appear in-game on a memorial stone. One of the in-game memorial stones in the final version of the game had its message later changed due to it being considered by many as a hateful, transphobic joke.

A number of people were against the change, but Obsidian decided to have the messaged altered. The original message by the backer read:

"Firedorn Lightbringer
Here lies Firedorn, a hero in bed.
He once was alive, but now he's dead.
The last woman he bedded, turned out a man.
And crying in shame, off a cliff he ran.

After receiving numerous complaints from gamers about the quote, CEO of Obsidian, Feargus Urquhart, chose to change it and together with the backer who created it, decided on a new message.

"Here lies Firedorn, a bard, a poet
He was also a card, but most didn't know it
A poem he wrote in jest was misread
They asked for blood, so now he's just dead.
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