Crusader: No Regret
Crusader: No Regret
September 1, 1996
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Entering "Jassica16" and then pressing F10, the command used to enable cheat codes in Crusader: No Remorse, will initially display a message indicating that cheats have been enabled, until a few seconds later when another message appears stating "Of course we changed the cheats... duh." and a voice clip of the game's antagonist Chairman Draygan plays. The Silencer is then transported to a hidden room where he is surrounded by a wave of powerful mechs while the game's Christmas medley, which normally plays when the system's clock is set to December 25th, plays in the background. Defeating all of the enemies in the room will cause the player to lose control of the Silencer as he quickly turns towards the camera while the last enemy dies, before exploding himself and shutting down the game.

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