Like in Dead Space, taking the first letter of each chapter will spell a secret message. Spoiler:This reads "BROTHER MOONS ARE AWAKE", referring to how other moons have been woken up after defeating The Moon on Tau Volantis.

Prologue: Beginnings
Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
Chapter 2: On your Own
Chapter 3: The Roanoke
Chapter 4: History's Ember
Chapter 5: Expect Delays
Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
Chapter 7: Mayhem
Chapter 8: Off The Grid
Chapter 9: Onward
Chapter 10: Now We Know
Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
Chapter 12: Autopsy
Chapter 13: Reach For The Sky
Chapter 14: Everything Has It's Place
Chapter 15: A Change Of Fortune
Chapter 16: What Lies Below
Chapter 17: A Strange City
Chapter 18: Kill Or Be Killed
Chapter 19: Endings

The Awakened DLC also has a message Spoiler: hidden in the chapter titles, which spells out "RIP", possibly referencing the other moons arriving to Earth.

Chapter 1: Requiem
Chapter 2: Infidels
Chapter 3: Perdition
Attachment The music and sound in Dead Space 3 are controlled by an algorithm called the Fear System. Relative to Isaac Clarke's level of fear at any moment, his breathing and heartbeat get louder, and the music changes in intensity, volume and discordance.

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