Fade to Black
Fade to Black
August 31, 1995
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Attachment 104 of the first games on the PlayStation came in vertically-shaped boxes. While all of them shared a template with the square boxes that would eventually win out as the standard, there was not a standard make or material for the boxes with them potentially coming as jewel cases like the square boxes, plastic cases with cardboard wrapping, and cardboard boxes with foam to keep games from slipping - some games had multiple of these box types made. Fade to Black was the final long box PlayStation release.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 2, 2023
Catalog of PlayStation long boxes:

PlayStation box type comparison:

Figured out last game with the long box by going through this list, searching up their respective boxes and finding a cut-off point, which was between Fade to Black and SimCity 2000:

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