Command and Conquer: Generals
Command and Conquer: Generals
Some of the special powers were removed from the final game due to the fact the developers removed the generals feature in the base game (this was later re-added in the expansion). However, their code still resides in the game's memory:
• Black Market Nuke - A GLA special power that sends a plane to drop a nuclear bomb.
• Terror Cell - Similar to the Rebel Ambush feature that made it into the game, except this spawns terrorists instead of rebels.
• Crate Drop - Does nothing more than drop $2,000 worth of money.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
There are quite a few unused mouse cursors left hidden in the game's memory:
• Defector - Intended for the removed Defector special power.
• Guard - An unused unique cursor for the Guard function.
• Heal - Could have been intended for the Ambulance, or perhaps used when you send injured soldiers to the barracks.
• No Entry - Shown when you cannot enter a building. In the final game, the standard "invalid" cursor is shown instead.
• Out of Range - Intended to appear when you tell a unit to attack an enemy unit that is not within range.
• Place - Would have been used as a cursor when you place a structure.
• Sell - Sell does not require a target in the final game, as all structures have sell buttons to sell themselves.
• Spy Drone - An unused unique mouse cursor for the spy drone feature.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi