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November 20, 1996
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Attachment In Maxis' 1996 SimCopter, there is an easter egg that causes half naked men to crowd around the player's helicopter and make out during certain days of the year. Upon learning of the easter egg, Maxis fired the coder, Jacques Servin, for inserting "subversive content" into the games' code. Thousands of copies of the game were recalled from store shelves and the easter egg was removed from later versions of the game.
The game was almost made for the failed Nintendo 64 Disk Drive add-on. The game would've allowed players to import their cities from the original SimCity (also on the 64DD), and fly around it. It was shown off at Tokyo Game Show, according to UnSeen64. Unfortunately, the add-on was never released outside Japan, and sold poorly in said country, resulting the game being cancelled entirely.
SimCopter was the first game to feature Simlish, which has since been used in a number of "Sim" games, and is commonly associated with The Sims.

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