Dance Dance Revolution A3
March 17, 2022
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Added on November 1st, 2023, The "BABY-LON'S GALAXY" event pits players against a slew of new boss songs utilizing the "FLARE" gauge. This meter starts at max, doesn't recover upon successful timing, and decreases from any judgement below Perfect. This replicates how Extra Stages functioned between DDRMax Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix and Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2, which required players to beat difficult songs while grades below perfect depleted the player's Life Gauge.
person aa1205 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Information Changes for DDR A3:

Information on the BABY-LON'S GALAXY event:'S_GALAXY

Gameplay of BABY-LON'S GALAXY:

Gameplay of DDRMax's Extra Stage:

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