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Pac-Man World
Before settling on Pac-Man's family, the friends Pac-Man rescued in Pac-Man World were going to be characters from other 1980s Namco games:

• Dig Dug (also known as Taizo Hori) from Dig Dug, who Chomp-Chomp took the place of. A remnant of this choice can be seen in the opening cutscene where Chomp-Chomp is kidnapped by being dragged underground, where Dig Dug's gameplay takes place.
• Valkyrie and Whirlo from the Valkyrie series, who were replaced with Pac-Baby and Pooka. There is also a thematic remnant of this choice in Pac-Baby and Pooka's kidnapping, where they are anchored into the sky, as Valkyrie lives in the heavens.
• Mappy from Mappy, who was replaced by Jr. Pac-Man.

Gil from The Tower of Druaga and Miru from Pac & Pal were also intended to appear, while Professor Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man were part of the original concept and remained.

It was ultimately decided to focus on Pac-Man characters instead of crossover characters, but when it was discovered that there weren't enough "pac-people" to make rescuable for each world, Pooka from Dig Dug was added to fill out the cast, being the same spherical shape as Pac-Man's family and a favorite of the development team. It is unknown why Miru, who was already a Pac-Man character, went unused.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month June 17, 2024
Twitter thread interview with game designer Scott Rogers:

Pac-Man World cutscenes:

Pac-Man World concept storyboards:
Bubsy 3D
There is an unused death cutscene in the files of Bubsy 3D of Bubsy falling through a floor. This may have been an animation for falling through pits, or suggest that fall-damage was at one point going to return as a mechanic from Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.
Shipwrecked 64
An unused cutscene in the game has the character Stumbler O'Hare openly mock Harley Mullins (the wife of Mark Mullins) and her situation. This was scrapped both for being "WAY too on the nose", and because Stumbler's personality was altered during development. The cutscene would be replaced with a YouTube video titled "How to say Goodbye", in which Stumbler, despite knowing about Mark's crimes, tries to help him grieve over the loss of Harley. Despite the cutscene's removal, Stumbler's statue in The Dam still has him wearing a nurse's cap like in the cutscene.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month February 9, 2024
Original cutscene and reason for removal:;utm_medium=web2x&context=3

"How to say Goodbye" video:
Killer Instinct 2
The game's files cointains data of multiple unused alternate endings for various characters such as Maya and Jago. These endings weren't properly implemented due to time constraints.
Virtual Bart
Attachment The prototype for Virtual Bart shows an ending screen at the end of the credits instead of just the player's score. It is a crudely written "THE END" in cursive with the nonsensical text "You are a true Bart Simpson" alongside the score. The "You are a true Bart Simpson" text is in the final game's code.
Virtual Bart
Attachment In a prototype for Virtual Bart, an early version of the cutscene that plays before the tomato-throwing minigame can be seen. This cutscene shows Bart with a devious smirk, which was likely redrawn for going against Simpsons style guide rules against "demonic expressions"
Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Attachment Found within the game's data is an unused room depicting a modern-day bedroom, suggesting that there was supposed to be a cutscene showing the player before getting transported to the past.
Star Wars: Monopoly
Attachment Star Wars: Monopoly contains a set of two unused lyric music videos, which are both in-jokes welcoming new employees to Artech Studios.
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Found within the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures is an unused cutscene of Fox talking with Tricky, Peppy and Slippy after placing presumably the final SpellStone. Various unused SFA voice clips sync up perfectly with this sequence, revealing the dialogue exchange to be:

Tricky: You did it, Fox! You saved Dinosaur Planet!
Fox: Don't get too excited, Tricky. We haven't delt with General Scales yet.
Slippy: Fox, Fox! Where are you going? You've completed the mission so let's go home!
Peppy: He's right, Fox. We don't need the extra bonus. I can finally retire with what we got.
Fox: It's not the bonus or even General Scales that I'm worried about...
Peppy and Tricky: Krystal!
Peppy: Ha! It's always the girls that get him!
Fox: Look guys, I promised I saved her. You wouldn't want her to die, would you? So I'm going to the Walled City, to find the final Krazoa spirit!

This presents bit of a different story from what is presented in the final game. In the retail release, it's discovered that returning all of the SpellStones to the Force Point Temples does not single handily restore Dinosaur Planet to its original state, and that Fox also needs to return all of the Krazoa spirits to Krazoa Palace to fully stabilize the planet, in addition to freeing Krystal from Krazoa Palace.

Here, it does seem returning the SpellStones restores the planet, and collecting the Krazoa spirits is for a separate task, that being merely freeing Krystal.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 15, 2023
Final SpellStone scene in Star Fox Adventures kiosk:

Final SpellStone scene Star Fox Adventures retail:
Shadow the Hedgehog
subdirectory_arrow_right Sonic Rivals (Game)
Attachment Maria’s card in Sonic Rivals uses an image from a deleted scene in Shadow the Hedgehog where her death is shown in more detail.
Cool Spot
Attachment According to an Electronic Gaming Monthly preview article, Cool Spot was originally a Reversi clone like Spot: The Video Game, titled Spot II - the graphics used in Cool Spot seem to have been reused from cutscenes in the cancelled game.
Batman: The Video Game
Attachment Sunsoft's NES Batman originally had cutscenes using the comic book iteration of Batman, but these had to be scrapped and replaced with digitized renditions of Micheal Keaton's live-action Batman as the game's artist was not aware that the Batman comics and movies were separate licenses. The Joker, however, was always depicted as Jack Nicholson's portrayal, even in prototypes using the comic version of Batman.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 20, 2023
Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required"
Attachment Adding "FryFox=BurnBabyBurn" to the game's configuration file will unlock a special in-joke cutscene. By clicking the electric chair in Napoleon's lab, Spy Fox will be sit down and be electrocuted into a pile of dust, before respawning through a tribute to the death animations in Dragon's Lair.
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening
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Sonic Classic Collection
When Sonic Classic Collection was rated by the British Board of Film Classification, they rated three pieces of content not present in the final game:
•A trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
•A "history of Sonic" documentary video
•An unknown item titled "GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE", which was most likely a video. However, all other non-interactive elements in the game such as the credits and aforementioned videos have a runtime, which GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE does not.
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2
Attachment Patrick's Super move was originally going to feature a unique squashed model for each character. These were ultimately scrapped for unknown reasons, with Patrick simply slamming down his rock on the opponent without any transformations or unique animations attached.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 11, 2023
Cheggers' Party Quiz
subdirectory_arrow_right Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge (Game)
Inside the code of Cheggers' Party Quiz and Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge, there are two unused test videos, unusually taken from the 2006 direct-to-DVD movie Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 11, 2023
Suikoden II
Attachment In the Demo ending, other than the dialogue used in the skit, there is unused dialogue present suggesting some parts of the ending were scrapped:

”I think that‘s a wise decision.”
”The normal ending is about to start.”
”The best ending is about to start.”
”You‘re wrong, brother Mukumuku. I heard that it‘s not done yet.”

It's worth noting that Mukumuku is silent in the demo while Mekumeku just doesn't load, but is present in memory. Whether it was scrapped or is still unlockable is unknown.

Also in the room, there are 4 maids surrounding Riou just out of bounds at the bottom of the screen. After some testing, it was found to be a developer trick, wherein the player is always in control of Riou, and when interreacting with any of the maids, the demo will end early.
person Jom12 calendar_month November 6, 2023
3D Pocket Pool
subdirectory_arrow_right Wario Pool (Game)
Attachment 3D Pocket Pool was at one point pitched to Nintendo as a Wario game titled Wario Pool. Developer Nick Pelling's website contains a GIF featuring the intro to the would-be Game Boy title, showing Wario sitting in his castle from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and watching a sports newscast late at night. He then gets a telephone call from a reporter asking if he will be competing in a pool tournament the next day. Wario declines, saying he does not want any more "meaningless victories", until two new challengers appear on the newscast: a pair of literal pool sharks who insult Wario while being interviewed, motivating him to join the tournament and claim their heads as a trophy.
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
subdirectory_arrow_right PlayStation 2 (Platform), PlayStation (Platform), TT Games (Company)
When the PlayStation 2 was revealed in Japan, a demo was shown off of a fountain of spark particles. When this demo was shown to Jon Burton, founder of Traveller's Tales, he coded an identical tech demo for the first PlayStation as a joke. This tech demo would ultimately end up in the files of Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!, unused, by accident.
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