Killer Instinct 2
Killer Instinct 2
December 31, 1996
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There were plans to include a vampire character in Killer Instinct 2, however the idea was eventually scrapped. The vampire's stage theme, "Bloodlust", however, was salvaged and made into the theme of Count Batula in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

A vampire character wouldn't be added to the Killer Instinct series until 2016, with the release of Killer Instinct's season 3 character Mira.
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The Cutting Room Floor article:

"Bloodlust", as featured in a bonus video in Rare Replay:

Count Batula's theme in Conker's Bad Fur Day:

Mira's trailer:
The game's files cointains data of multiple unused alternate endings for various characters such as Maya and Jago. These endings weren't properly implemented due to time constraints.

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