August 11, 1997
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Normally, if you change the music selection to "Choose" in the Audio menu, the game will not allow the track "Prophetic - Title" to play. However, a glitch in the European version causes the song to play if the player loops through the list by pressing D-Right after the last song. This is the only way the song can be played in-game, though the game will change the song to "Azule Lux" every time a new level is loaded.

This is most likely caused by the game trying to play "Extol", as it was the last track in the US version. Since its placement was changed, the game loops the list and plays "Prophetic" instead.
Attachment The song "Flim Flam" is not present in the European version. The Brick variation which used this song now uses "Extol" instead, which is also the song that replaced it on the Audio menu.
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Attachment When starting a new game, if the player enters the word "VORTEX" and then presses and holds the Reset button on the console, a small animation will loop for as long as the button is held.

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