In the opening title card to the game's penultimate level "Escape from WooL.A.", Bubsy appears dressed as Snake Plissken, the protagonist of the 1980's American action movies "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L.A.", the latter film of which the level is named after. Beyond that, inputting the password "XURASNAKER" on the Load/Save menu will allow you to play as Bubsy while wearing the costume in any level.
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In a promotional article published by Gamefan magazine, the game's art style was stated to have been heavily influenced by the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes shorts directed by Warner Bros. animator Chuck Jones, who was credited in promotional materials for overseeing some of the game's art direction and for choosing the game's flat-shaded, polygonal graphics, but was not credited in the final product.
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All of the characters in the game were voiced by the same actress, Lani Minella.
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Originally a Sega Saturn port of the game was planned to be made, as seen in promotional material from Winter 1996. This version was most likely cancelled because of the poor reception and sales for the game.
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The European version of this game has no memory card support. A password system replaces the load function seen in the North American version.
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Bubsy exhibits some rather unique idle animations, including changing TV picture settings and other cut-scenes that show him juggling and performing various acts.
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