Wonder Project J2
Wonder Project J2
In a 1995 interview with the game's producer Hiroki Fujimoto in the Dengeki Super Famicom magazine, he was asked if there was any reason he chose the Nintendo 64 for the game, and he responded:

"We started planning the sequel right around the time the PlayStation and Saturn were released, so going ahead with the Super Famicom again would have been harsh, when you consider when the game would actually come out. On top of that, the developers always like taking on new challenges, so we decided to go with one of the next-gen consoles.

That being the case, rather than one of the already-released systems like the PS1 or Saturn, we ended up going with Nintendo’s new 64-bit hardware which wasn’t out yet. At the time, however, we didn’t know anything about the N64’s actual specs, including whether it would use cartridges or CD-ROMs."
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A port for the PlayStation was reportedly in development though never released. It was aimed for release in late 1997 and would've featured animated sequences that wouldn't have been possible for the Nintendo 64 version due to the cartridge's memory space limitations.
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