When a Digimon digivolves into Sukamon, their stats drop by half. Using this method, it is possible to end up with an Ultimate Digimon with stats of 0 in everything, including HP/MP. This will cause the Digimon to die immediately upon a fight occurring.
Contributed by RadSpyro
Due to how recent the Mega Digimon were at the time of this game's creation, all Mega level Digimon are classed as Ultimate in this game.
Contributed by RadSpyro
In all non-english PAL versions of the game, the player cannot access the Ogre Fortress or use the Mt. Infinity teleporters. Because of this, these copies of the game can not be beaten.
Contributed by gamemaster1991
WereGarurumon was originally planned for the game and even had his own Digivolution item. All that remains through hacking is his name and Arena sprite.
Contributed by RadSpyro
Gigadramon and MetalEtemon both have digivolving items, though neither the items nor the Digimon can be obtained without the use of a cheat code. Panjyamon can also be obtained with a cheat code, though no digivolving item exists for him.
Contributed by RadSpyro
On US copies of the game, trying to listen to any song on Giromon's Jukebox causes the game to crash.
Contributed by RadSpyro
The PAL cover features a Gomamon (second from right), but they do not appear anywhere in the game. Tentomon (far right) are found in Beetle Land, but cannot be raised.
Contributed by Shellcreeper
When the game was released in English speaking territories, the developers forgot to translate some of the text, including the trading cards and the sign above the Drill Tunnel entrance.
Contributed by HoratioMG