Shin Megami Tensei Revelations: Persona
Shin Megami Tensei Revelations: Persona
In a 1996 interview with the game's director Kouji Okada published in Dengeki PlayStation magazine, he stated that the demons are voiced by the staff from Atlus, including those enlisted from all over the company rather than just the game's developers, while also singling out that the female demons were voiced by female staff members.
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In the game, there is a cat-girl enemy named Felicia that looks and acts like the character from Darkstalkers. This enemy was replaced with the recurring enemy, Nekomata, in the PSP remake.
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All of the main characters (with the exception of Mark) had their names changed when brought to the Western market. This was done to make the game more open to Western audiences.
• Maki - Mary
• Kei Nanjo - Nate Trinity
• Yuka Ayase - Alana
• Eriko Kirishima - Ellen
• Reiji Kido - Chris

Rather than changing Mark's name, he was instead changed into an African American.
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A large portion of the game was removed from the North American version. Known as the Snow Queen Quest, this version of the game leads to an alternate ending. It was re-added in the PSP version of the game.
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