Radiant Historia
Radiant Historia
November 3, 2010
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In an interview with the game's original designer for world/story Satoshi Takayashiki published in the 2011 game's Japanese World Guidance book, he was asked when the planning for the game began? He responded:

"In 2005, myself, Konishi-san, and another programmer began talking about wanting to make some kind of game together. That was the beginning of our basic idea, to do a fantasy RPG, which would be connected to some extent with Radiata Stories. From there we started making a prototype test version. We didn’t work on it intensely or anything, it was something we all did in our spare time, while handling our other work. The battle system and the overworld were both created there in that first prototype. We also wrote an overarching planning document, and decided on the world of Radiant Historia, as well as part of the story. We presented all that to Hirata-san in the fall of 2007."

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