Persona 4 Arena was the first ever region locked PlayStation 3 game, 6 years after the inital release of the PlayStation 3.
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Fuuka Yamagishi's voice actress in Persona 3, Mela Lee, was replaced by Wendee Lee for this game.
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Arc System Works wanted Ryoyaro Dojima (Yu's uncle) as a playable character. Instead of a persona, he was supposed to summon his daughter Naniko to his side. This idea was rejected by Atlus.
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The color palate switch was meant to make the playable charters look like past Persona characters, Guilty Gear characters or BlazBlue characters.
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The Velvet Room appears as it did in both Persona 3 as the elevator for Aigis and as the back of a Limo for Yu in Persona 4.
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All of the voice actors returned to reprise their roles except for Tracey Rooney and Dave Wittenberg (Chie and Teddie respectively). They were replaced with the "Persona 4: The Animation" actors, Erin Fitzgerald and Sam Riegel. The new actors returned for "Persona 4 Golden."
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