Attachment When asked about Bubsy's height and weight for an episode of the Death Battle-esque YouTube series Limit Break featuring him fighting Gex, creator Michael Berlyn said that Bubsy is 3'6'' (42 inches) and 80 lbs, making his height closest to the length (or height if they were to be bipedal like Bubsy) of an Eastern or Mexican bobcat, but significantly heavier than any real-world species of bobcat.
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The name "Bubsy" originated from series creator Michael Berlyn's brother-in-law, who would refer to "rounded, bouncy, happy things" such as Volkswagen Beetles with the nonsense adjective "bubsy".
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While Bubsy 3D is often considered to have killed the Bubsy franchise until its revival in the late 2010s, the franchise was not killed by Accolade as one may expect. Accolade wanted a new installment titled Bubsy 4 (Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales not being considered part of the franchise's official numbering) after Bubsy 3D's release, but series creator Michael Berlyn was the one who pulled the plug on the franchise, believing that Bubsy 2 and Bubsy 3D had dealt too much damage to it:

"I pitched [Sparky and Bolt, an unmade, Jetsons-inspired game] to Accolade, and Accolade said, "Ummmmm, I don’t think so. We’re more interested in a Bubsy 4." And I said, "I really think Bubsy’s dead by now. Between what you guys did with Bubsy 2 and what I did with Bubsy 3D, it’s time to move on." They didn’t agree."
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Beelzebubsy's posts:

Example of SqrlyJack's infamy within the Bubsy fandom, not the subject of the fact, but moreso just backing up that she is a controversial figure to Bubsy fans:

Xindictive's claim in the comment section of a Slope's Game Room video on Bubsy that presents the fake concept art as real:

Tweet from Xindictive about the forgery, a reply shows a magazine scan that one of the forged images was traced from:

Advertisement for the now-closed Discord server claming that Berlyn was on it:

Examples of Ken Macklin's real signature:
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Accolade's marketing department attempted, and failed, to get Bubsy to wear pants.
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Bubsy's catchphrase, "what could possibly go wrong?", originated as a self-deprecating catchphrase from the Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind development team when the game ran into issues. Another phrase in consideration was "Whatever blows your hair back!", which Bubsy would say in the opening to Chapter 4: Fair Conditioning in the final game.
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There is a rumor that claims that Rob Paulsen, the voice actor who provided the voice for Bubsy in Bubsy 2, Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales, and the 1993 Bubsy cartoon pilot hated the character and regretted taking the gig. However, Paulsen has stated that he does not regret his role in the Bubsy franchise and would do the voice again for future Bubsy projects if paid to.