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The English Steam release features a number of bugs not present in other editions:

• The lights do not dim when Madotsuki sleeps in the spaceship's bed, as the graphical filter is mistakenly set to transparent.
• Certain sound effects, such as those for flying on the Witch effect's broom and talking to an FC Priori, do not play due to them being misnamed in the game's files.
• If Madotsuki equips the Traffic Light effect, switches to the red light, and talks to the Toriningen that changes the UI's palette, the resulting text box is corrupted. This is because the correct text is displayed on another line that went untranslated.

Curiously, although the Steam release was updated four times to fix various other glitches and mistakes, none of the patches fixed any of these errors.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 11, 2024

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