As part of the marketing for the game, a fictional blog called "War Unlimited: My Journey Through a Warzone" was created at by a man named Reuben Oluwagembi. Reuben is actually a fictional journalist whom the players meets early in the game who is in Africa to cover the civil war. The blog served to provide background information on the game as well as flesh out some of the characters. Reuben is notable for his set of interview tapes with the Jackal - an infamous gun runner who is providing the arms to fuel the conflict and the game's primary antagonist. The 'Jackal tapes' are a collectible item in "Far Cry 2" that enhance the game's story and give background information on the Jackal himself. The complete set of Jackal tapes are all available on the site.
The final area of the game takes place in a small region of the map named "Heart Of Darkness". This is a clear reference to the novel of the same name by Joseph Conrad, published in 1899 and set in Africa. Heart of Darkness explored the racism and cruelty of 19th century European colonialism in Africa and shares many similar themes with the game.
On the Xbox 360 version of the game, one of the achievements is titled 'Dawa ya moto ni moto.' This is a Swahili proverb meaning 'the remedy for fire is fire' and expresses the idea that tough situations require bold decisions and leadership. A similar expression in English is that you 'must fight fire with fire.' It is unlocked for reigniting an armed conflict between the game's two competing factions.