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TeamFourStar, a YouTube channel that created the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, said that when they were recording lines for the different voices available for CaC in the game, they "wrote all the attack names" as they were acting. Scott Frerich, better known as KaiserNeko, revealed that one of these attack names, the volleyball technique "Volleyball Fist", was originally going to be called "Dead or Alive Volleyball" named after the series Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. However, the name was dropped, likely due to the franchise not being owned by Bandai Namco.
person Elisports calendar_month October 13, 2023
Dragon Ball Z Abridged Creator Commentary:

Tweet announcing their roles in the game:
Gohan (Teen) uses a voice line from his adult counterpart when fighting against Bojack. This is likely a mistake.
Upon completing Goku's Mentor quests, he will say "You really are incredible! It was a raging blast fighting with you!".

This is a reference to the Raging Blast series of Dragon Ball games.

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