Exclusive to the PlayStation Vita version is a new collectible item called Relics that are gradually put together to unlock two mosaic cutscene rooms in the Snoring Tree. Each mosaic features origin stories for Rayman and Globox that contradict the originally planned origin story shown in the game's debut trailer. Rayman's origin story depicts him as Spoiler:originally having been bald and having a girlfriend with an afro, and showing the incident that gave him his hair. Globox's origin story depicts him as Spoiler:originally having red skin, and showing the incident that gave him his blue skin.
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The game started out as an episodic downloadable title. After a delayed release, the game was made into a full-retail title.
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In the level Golly G. Golem, there is a Golem boss you must fight to progress. In the first teaser trailer for Rayman Origins, Rayman and Globox can be seen fighting a green, mossy version of the Golem which never appears in the final game. The cover of the game still features this early design for the character.
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According to beta art, an orange Teensy Wizard was planned to be a playable character. He even appears on the game's disc. But he was cut for unknown reasons. If you pull on the Bubble Dreamers beard while playing as the Teensy Wizard, he will say, "Aren't you one of the magical Teensy twins!? You guys tied for second in last year's Snoring Competition! Gratz! I laughed so hard at your schnoz-ballads that I fell off my perch... Bless your noble nostrils!" This twin is quite possibly the orange wizard.
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