A PlayStation version was in development, but was delayed to Fall 1996 due to the game not meeting EA’s standards. Unfortunately, that Fall came and the PlayStation version was nowhere to be found. This mirrors Madden NFL 96, which had its PlayStation version cancelled for the same reason.
At the beginning of the game's ROM is a message directed towards hackers and demo coders. The message reads:
"Tiburon Entertainment, Inc. developed this product for Electronic Arts.
Tiburon is a small developer located in Longwood Florida, a suburb of Orlando.
We develop entertainment software for console systems, and IBM Compatibles.
If you're a talented programmer or Artist please fax us your resume at 407-862-4077.
Although formal education is a plus, it's not required. This message is directed
to all you hackers and demo coders out there who might be looking through our ROMs.
We have good benefits, and pay competitive wages.
We understand that while your resume may not reflect jobs programming, that you
may still be very talented, and the opportunity may not have been available.
In this case we ask your to mail us you're demos, or examples of work you have done.
Tiburon Entertainment c/o Hey! I'm good, and I want a job
900 Fox Valley Drv. Suite #202 Longwood, FL"

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