Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
November 20, 1990
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Attachment The game's designers when creating the sprite animations for Mickey had to design the levels to accommodate for the higher number of frames of animation and subsequent extra distance in Mickey's jump. When asked about the inspiration for the game's high-quality sprite animation, producer Emiko Yamamoto told Game Informer in 2013:

"For animation we studied the [Disney] films frame by frame and worked very hard to recreate it in the game. For example, with Mickey’s jump, we wanted to fully express his body movement so we added more frames of animation. As a result, his jump ended up being longer than a jump would be in a normal game, so we had to design the levels so that the distance of his jump worked."

According to Yamamoto, the developers aimed for these higher-quality animations in the first place because they valued making the world and characters feel alive and only realized they were capable of achieving this after creating supplementary animations like Mickey's idle and wavering animations:

"Actually this was something the main programmer and animator came up with. I recall them coming to me and showing me what they created (the idle animation and also the animation for when Mickey was wavering at the edge of a platform) and I was pleasantly surprised. I asked them “Oh, we can do something like this? Sure, let’s do it!” Making sure the world and characters feel alive was very important to the team."

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