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person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 1, 2024
Attachment The game over screen of Mickey Mania and its PlayStation port Mickey's Wild Adventure, where Mickey lies down on the ground, holding a lily with X's in his eyes, is the only time Mickey Mouse has ever been shown as dead on-screen in an official Disney product.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 16, 2023
Jon Burton interview:

Evolution of Mickey Mouse Death and Game Over animations in video games:
subdirectory_arrow_right Tails' Skypatrol (Game)
Attachment Tails' Skypatrol was originally developed as a licensed Disney game for an unreleased budget handheld system aimed at a younger audience with a focus on educational content - much like Sega's Pico - and was reworked into a Tails game for the Game Gear after the console was scrapped, due to the Game Gear's similar stats to the unreleased hardware. It is not known which Disney character Tails replaced, however a pre-release promotional video shows the Mickey Mouse character Peg-Leg Pete in place of Bearenger as the boss of Ruin Wood.
According to Warren Spector, an Epic Mickey movie was proposed to Disney. A trailer, budget and a team were presented, but Disney turned it down.