According to the game's producer Tetsuya Nomura in a livestream on Square Enix's YouTube channel on January 26, 2023, he hinted that a sequel to the game was possible if word-of-mouth about the game spread through the DLC's completion and proves that it's a title that has "really resonated with everyone". However, it is important to note that Square Enix largely bases its new games on what will make money, so the odds of a sequel would still be unlikely even if it spread through word-of-mouth.
person ProtoSnake calendar_month January 13, 2024
Tetsuya Nomura Says Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Sequel is Possible Depending on Popularity:

Tetsuya Nomura Says Stranger Of Paradise Sequel Possible "If Word Of Mouth Spreads":

Final Fantasy Origin Could Get A Sequel If Fans Want It Enough:

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