F-Zero - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Smooth McGroove
There were three types of F-Zero AX arcade cabinets: Standard, Deluxe, and Monster Ride. Standard is a standard sit down set up, Deluxe features a hydraulic tilting seat for driver simulation, and Monster Ride utilizes the machine called "Cycraft", a VR Machine developed cooperatively between Sega and Simuline.
Contributed by [WS]Wierd
There is an entire animation and character rigging file for the character Aiai from Super Monkey Ball 2 in the game's data. This may simply be a remnant left over from development for testing purposes, as the game runs on the same engine as Super Monkey Ball.
Contributed by CosmykTheDolfyn
A graphic entitled "Rainbow Road" can be found in game, and seems to be the original name of the course "Phantom Road". "Rainbow Road" was a course in the previous F-Zero game, F-Zero X, which itself was a copy of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road.
Contributed by CosmykTheDolfyn