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In the earliest available builds of Yume Nikki, the gate on a high ledge in Block World leads to a room colloquially known as the "Toriningen's Bed" event; it is present in Version 0.04, 0.06, and presumably 0.05, but because Versions 0.00 to 0.03 are not publicly available (as is 0.05), it is unknown if the Toriningen's Bed event was added in Version 0.04 or if it was present in prior builds.

This room consists solely of a long walkway leading to a bed. Entering it causes a lunatic Toriningen to spawn at the entrance of the walkway; because the hallway is only one tile wide, there is no way of avoiding it, and once it catches Madotsuki, she is transported to an out of bounds portion of Footprint Path A, rendering her immobile until she wakes up or teleports back to the Nexus with the Eye Palm effect. Version 0.06 revises the area so that it uses Block World's background music, played at 50% speed, instead of Eyeball World's background music.

In Version 0.07, the Toriningen's Bed event is removed, and the gate leading to it now leads to the White Desert; this change is retained in Version 0.10. Discounting the unused "NASU Link" event in Version 0.09, this is the only known event that was removed in a later update.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 6, 2024

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