When actor Rahul Kohli's likeness was used as a trooper card in the 2023 remake of Like a Dragon: Ishin!, he expressed a feeling that there were notable differences in corresponding with Western and Eastern game studios. In an interview with Digital Trends, he was quoted as saying:

"I definitely saw a difference between working with Western and Eastern studios. Our correspondence with Sega and RGG was so involved and sweet. They really cared, and it felt so much more collaborative. Nothing specific, but when I've been involved in other things, it's like, 'Just do the voice, mate," and then you never hear about it again. I never expected to have the back and forth of RGG constantly checking in to ask, "Is Rahul happy with this? Does he like the artwork?" I never said no to any of it, but I'm sure if I had any type of gripe, they would have obliged, so I felt very welcome and involved."
subdirectory_arrow_right Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan! (Game), Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (Game)
Two of Kiryu’s Bucket List memories in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth with the shared title "Dreams of a Past Life" have Kiryu reminisce on dreams he had where he was the historical figures Miyamoto Musashi and Sakamoto Ryoma. This references two games thought to be non-canonical spin-offs: Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan! and Like a Dragon: Ishin!, and suggests them to have actually been Kiryu’s dreams the whole time. This is also notable as Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan! has yet to receive an English release.

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