If an enemy attempts to rob Yagami while he has no money in his inventory, the enemy will pat him on the back to comfort him as Yagami collapses on the ground, presumably having a breakdown.
Attachment In the game files exists a beta version of protagonist Takayuki Yagami's design. This design was presumably an alternate plan in case the licensing agreement with Takura Kimura, the actor whose face inspired Yagami's design, runs out, or he gets involved in any kind of controversy.
Attachment Sale of the game in Japan was halted in 2019 after actor and musician Pierre Taki, who voices the game's character Kyohei Hamura, had been arrested for illegal drug use. Taki admitted to violating Japan's drug laws after a urine test showed positive for cocaine use. SEGA said in a statement that all digital and retail sales of the game would halt until the truth was found, and also deleted all tweets mentioning the game from their Twitter account.

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