Reportedly, Alan Wake II's budget stands at €70 million: €50 million was spent on development, while the remaining €20 million was spent on marketing. This makes the game one of the most expensive cultural products in the history of Finland.
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[Both sources are in Finnish.]


Most expensive cultural product statement:
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"Sweet Baby Inc detected" Steam Curator list:

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Alan Wake II Game Developer article:
During the mission "Initiation 4" (also known as "We Sing"), Alan goes through a surreal set while his psyche Mr. Door and other characters sing "Herald of Darkness", a musical summarizing Alan's story up to that point. Notably, the music for this sequence was provided by Poets of the Fall as the fictional band "The Old Gods of Asgard". According to director Sam Lake, the idea was inspired by both the first Alan Wake's concert standoff and the Ashtray Maze level from Control, both of which were set to Poets of the Fall's music. Lake knew that both Michael Porretta and David Harewood (the actors behind Alan Wake and Mr. Door, respectively) could sing, and Poets of the Fall helped with the choreography.

During development, however, developers questioned the need of the musical sequence due to both the strangeness of the sequence in a horror game and the difficulties that came with pulling it off. Despite this, Lake insisted that the sequence be kept. The sequence proved to be highly popular, so much so that "Herald of Darkness" was performed live at The Game Awards 2023 by Poets of the Fall, with Ikka Villi, Matthew Porretta, David Harewood, and Sam Lake all reprising their roles from the game during the performance.
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In a September 29, 2023 interview with the game's director Kyle Rowley and principal narrative designer Molly Maloney published in MP1st, they were asked what took the sequel so long to make? Rowley stated that when the team completed Alan Wake, they really wanted to make a sequel, but because of various different reasons, nothing panned out. Every time they'd tried to make a new game, it started out as Alan Wake 2, so Quantum Break had foundations that came from some ideas they wanted to make for Alan Wake 2, Control got some ideas that the team originally were exploring to do a sequel for Alan Wake 2, and they just didn't necessarily fit the kind of game they wanted to make at the time, so they "just kind of drifted in or whatever". Some time during or after Control's development, they decided they really wanted to look for a way to make the Alan Wake sequel. According to them, the video game industry at the time was getting increasingly fixated on horror, not only the in the games, but also in pop culture. Rowley thought the success of Control allowed the team more freedom to somewhat explore those kinds of opportunities.

Maloney stated that she thought that idea also had a lot of them really excited. She commented that the game's creative director Sam Lake sometimes says "it's not the first version of Alan Wake 2, but it is the best version". She thought it was a combination of the right idea and Epic Games being a great partner to the developers, describing it like the planets aligned and the game finally got to be made when it needed to be made.

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