Scratchin' Melodii
Scratchin' Melodii
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Attachment Melodii from Scratchin' Melodii is referred to with "they" pronouns throughout the game, and a gag in the Grase Poppin' stage shows them exiting a restroom with a quaver as a symbol. The game's creator LephemStar91 noted that, unlike characters such as Frisk from Undertale or Niko from OneShot, Melodii's gender is not up to the player's interpretation or a mystery, but rather explicitly non-binary:

"Apparently Melodii's gender/lack-thereof has been a bit of a topic again. So just to publicly squash any and all misconceptions, Melodii is non-binary. It's not meant to be an "up to interpretation" sort of thing, Melodii's a character with their own identity."

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