February 11, 2013
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subdirectory_arrow_right Battle for Dream Island (Collection)
BFDIA 5b marks the second time in the Battle for Dream Island series where a copyrighted character is used in a way beyond simply being a recommended character (fan characters that are submitted to the production team by fans of the series to potentially appear in official content). Specifically, the 31st level in the game "Encounter" features Lego Brick, who first appeared as a recommended character in the Battle for Dream Island episode "Vomitaco" and is a reference to the LEGO toy brand. The first instance was in the episode "Reveal Novum", where Dora (a stick figure based on the titular character from the animated series "Dora the Explorer" who also first appeared in the episode "Vomitaco") was one of the recommended characters who had a chance to join the competition, but failed due to only having nine votes: she would, however, compete in the show's second season "Battle for Dream Island Again". Additionally, a copyrighted character appearing in a major role would not happen again until years after BFDIA 5b's release, with the release of the spinoff series "BFDI Mini Replicas". In that series, one of the contestants is Ender Rocky, a variant of the main series contestant Rocky who first appeared as a recommended character in the season one finale "Return of the Hang Glider" and is based on the Endermen from Minecraft.
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BFDIA 5b Level 31:

Battle for Dream Island - "Vomitaco" (first appearance of Dora and Lego Brick):

Battle for Dream Island - "Reveal Novum" (first major appearance of Dora):

Battle for Dream Island - "Return of the Hang Glider" (first appearance of Ender Rocky):

BFDI Mini Replicas - "Cross the Gorge" (first major appearance of Ender Rocky):
During YouTuber Ni Hao Guylan's Let's Play of BFDIA 5b, he struggled on an early version of Level 29. Shortly after the video was uploaded, Cary Huang commented on the video that he "made level 29 a bit easier". Based on the dates for both the original video and Cary's comment, this would suggest that the final update for BFDIA 5b was released on June 5, 2013.
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