Attachment Inside the code of Antonball Deluxe are two graphics related to "Big Chungus", a popular screenshot from the 1941 Looney Tunes cartoon "Wabbit Twouble" - one of Big Chungus himself in the Antonball art style, and another depicting Anton with the body proportions of Big Chungus. These sprites were used for a placeholder object that no longer exists in the final game.
The online mode of Antonball Deluxe was originally called "Antonline", this was changed due to the name already being taken by an online retailer.
The music track "Super Gangston!" in Antonball Deluxe is a highly distorted early version of "Dynamite Man" from Antonblast, which had not been officially revealed at the time of the game's launch.
Also Appears On: Antonblast (Game)
Attachment Paul's walking sound effect in Antonball Deluxe is sampled from Crazy Bus, a homebrew game for the Sega Genesis. As Crazy Bus's soundtrack is randomly generated, the origin of the sound can be specifically traced back to a YouTube upload by user Dr. Gnome.
Also Appears On: Crazy Bus (Game)
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 4, 2023
Attachment Inside the code of Antonball Deluxe is a small, barely-legible image file simply called "hi", depicting former US President Donald Trump riding a Green Shell in a fan-made remake of Super Mario 64. Tony Grayson, the creator of Antonball posted a high resolution rendition of the image on Twitter a year before the game's launch
Attachment The cover for the vinyl "Super Gangston" in Antonball Deluxe is a heavily edited and compressed rendition of a popular meme image from the 2000s titled "Super Gangsta Mario!", recolored to resemble Anton instead of Mario.
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