December 31, 2004
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Although CrazyBus is often discussed or reviewed as if it were a real video game sold for money, and included in ROM sets and pirated cartridges with authentic games, it was actually intended as a simple tech demo by a beginning developer posted on a Sega Genesis modding forum in 2004.
CrazyBus' soundtrack is often said to be randomly generated - this is partially false. The game does use a random number generator for its music, but it uses an outdated psuedo-RNG that is not truly random, so every boot of the game will play the exact same tune. However, if you press a button that does not start the game, the RNG will shift and the music will therefore end up becoming randomly generated.
CrazyBus was at one point intended to have an RPG system, but was not included due to developer Tom Maneiro lacking the programming skills and resources to include it.
subdirectory_arrow_right Antonball Deluxe (Game)
Attachment Paul's walking sound effect in Antonball Deluxe is sampled from CrazyBus, a homebrew game for the Sega Genesis.
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Antonball Deluxe - Paul sound effects:

Crazy Bus - Title Screen music:

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