March 29, 2023
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subdirectory_arrow_right Indigo Park (Game), Garten of Banban (Game)
In 2023, after seeing online backlash towards Garten of Banban for its barebones quality and gameplay, YouTuber UniqueGeese (real name Mason Myers) decided to try recreating the game in a single week to see if game development could be that easy. He would go on to do so over his spring break, and showed the results of his work in a video titled "I Recreated Garten of Banban in One Week", which would go on to become his most popular video. He released the game as "Garten of Banban: Reincarnated", but would later change the name to simply "Reincarnated" per the request of Garten of Banban developers the Euphoric Brothers in order to avoid confusion regarding the original games. The popularity of Reincarnated inspired Myers to create his own unique horror game, resulting in the development of Indigo Park.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month May 26, 2024
"I Recreated Garten of Banban in One Week" video:

Q&A video about Indigo Park development:

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