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Number World was not implemented until Version 0.08; in prior builds, the gray door in the Nexus with a large red circle on it instead lead to an early iteration of Lamp World. Of note is that the earlier version of Lamp World features an alcove full of beds and cupboards. A bloodstain is also present in the bottom-right corner of the room; in Version 0.07, this stain teleports Madotsuki to the Guillotine Room when stepped on. This alcove would be moved to the Number World in Version 0.08 onward, and the bloodstain would be replaced with a Zippertile spewing blood out of its mouth, still acting as a warp to the Guillotine Room.

Additionally, the early version of Lamp World featured background music that is not present anywhere in Version 0.08 onward; this track was also used for the Face Carpet area in Forest World before it was concurrently replaced in Version 0.08 with the background music for the hot springs building in the Wilderness, played at 70% speed.

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