Star Fox Adventures
September 22, 2002
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subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Found within the files of Star Fox Adventures is an unused audio track for the WarpStone's introduction cutscene, which also includes verbal dialogue. This was clearly an earlier version before Rare had done a voice-acting retake.

Most notably, the music that plays in the background is a remnant from Dinosaur Planet, from the scene where Krystal first arrives in SwapStone Circle and thus meets her respective SwapStone, Rubble. In the final Star Fox Adventures, music performed by bagpipes is played instead in this particular cutscene.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 6, 2024
Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro (Unused Ver.):

Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro cutscene:

Dinosaur Planet - Krystal meets Rubble in SwapStone Circle:

Dinosaur Planet - Arriving at SwapStone Circle music track:

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