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Sonic Frontiers
In rare instances throughout the game, characters that didn't appear in Sonic Frontiers are referenced in passing, such as Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Jet, Omega, Yacker the Wisp, and Zavok of the Deadly Six. However two of these voice lines reference Sticks the Badger and Tangle the Lemur, two characters who have not appeared in the mainline game series at all. While Sticks previously had a character page among other mainline characters on the Japanese Sonic Channel website, she has so far only appeared in the spin-off series Sonic Boom, while Tangle has so far only appeared in IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. Thus Sonic's name drop of them in this mainline title essentially establishes the characters as canon to the Sonic game series. This Easter egg may have come about due to the fact that Sonic Frontiers' writer Ian Flynn is also a co-writer of the IDW comic series.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Sonic Frontiers
Some of the Cyberspace levels have layouts and elements taken almost directly from previous Sonic games, even if the aesthetics of the Cyberspace levels don't match the legacy ones at all sometimes. They are as follows:

Zone 1-1: Windmill Isle Act 1 from Sonic Unleashed

Zone 1-2: Windmill Isle Act 2 from Sonic Unleashed

Zone 1-4: Green Hill Act 2 from Sonic Generations

Zone 1-5: Chemical Plant Act 2 from Sonic Generations

Zone 1-6: Green Hill Act 1 from Sonic Generations

Zone 1-7: City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2

Zone 2-1: Green Hill Act 2 from Sonic Generations (2D sections)

Zone 2-2: Dragon Road Act 3 from Sonic Unleashed

Zone 2-4: Shadow's Radical Highway level from Sonic Adventure 2

Zone 2-5: Sky Sanctuary Act 2 from Sonic Generations (2D sections)

Zone 2-6: Shadow's Sky Rail level from Sonic Adventure 2

Zone 2-7: Sky Sanctuary Act 1 from Sonic Generations

Zone 3-1: Green Forest from Sonic Adventure 2

Zone 3-2: Savanna Citadel Act 1 from Sonic Unleashed

Zone 3-3: Sky Sanctuary Act 2 from Sonic Generations (3D sections)

Zone 3-6: Rooftop Run Act 2 from Sonic Unleashed

Zone 3-7: Chemical Plant Act 2 from Sonic Generations (2D sections)

Zone 4-1: Metal Harbor from Sonic Adventure 2

Zone 4-6: Chemical Plant Act 1 from Sonic Generations
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
The game's title theme sounds similar to the Space Junk Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
Kirby's Adventure
Part of Grape Garden's background music greatly resembles the song "Silver and Gold", sung by Burl Ives, from the animated holiday musical film "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Diddy Kong Racing
The music for Frosty Village seems to be a faster-paced, copyright-law-friendly version of the popular Christmas song "Winter Wonderland".

Part of the Walrus Cove theme also resembles Gene Autry's "Here Comes Santa Claus" in the same regard as well.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Resident Evil Village
The design for Castle Dimitrescu was likely influenced by Peles Castle, which is found in Transylvania, Romania.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Civilization III
The design of the Tower of Babel in the game's cinematic intro features a brief glimpse of a section that appears to be modeled after the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in California.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
The North American box art appears to feature a less-detailed replica of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in California.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
During the end credits level, Mario/Luigi will appear in the background doing a dance that involves swinging their arms from side to side and taking a step in the direction of each swing. This could be a reference to "Do the Mario", the end credits theme to the 1989 animated series "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" during which the dance is performed by Mario, portrayed by professional wrestler Lou Albano.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
In the game's Beta, Tier 15 of the battle pass features the rewards of Pajama Finn and the feline character Cake, both from the animated series Adventure Time. This is a possible euphemistic reference to the "Tier 15 of Dating" joke from the series episode "Burning Low" implying in-game that Tier 15 is bestiality, although it's never actually stated what Tier 15 is in the episode.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
The Poison Forest appears to lift its visuals directly from the Toxic Jungle from the 1984 Japanese animated film "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind", with the area's boss, the Giant Insect, bearing extreme similarities to the Ohmu from that film.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Saints Row 2
In the Xbox 360 version of the game, there is a bizarre game-breaking glitch that can be triggered. This glitch is not exclusive to this version, but it's most easily executable there due to the physical release of the Xbox 360 version presumably being an earlier build of the game.

First, turn on the cheat codes for Low Gravity (#18), Infinite Ammo (#11), Never Die (#36), and Super Explosions (#7), and then start playing the Zombie Uprising game. When you unlock the Hand Grenades, go to a specific marquee on the map, aim correctly, throw a grenade behind you and jump. If done correctly, you will be launched onto the ledge. Go further into another corner of the building on the ledge and use a second grenade to launch yourself out of bounds. Once you successfully glitch yourself out of the map, you will fall into the void, and be respawned in the main overworld with the Zombie Uprising HUD still present (the actual location you are respawned in appears to vary with each copy of the game). From this point on, random events occur as a result of the enabled cheats and the game trying to run in spite of the glitching, including floating debris, surprise zombie attacks, or moments where you just float around. As the game continues to break down, all items inside of buildings will disappear, random items outside will vanish, and the sky will eventually turn a bright, blinding white. However, despite all of these worsening side effects, the killing blow can occur at any time. At a random point, a grainy, ice-blue silhouette will flash on a nearby wall, and within the next few seconds, the game will freeze, permanently damaging the game itself and rendering it unplayable.

This glitch, and specifically the silhouette, has come to be known as "The Freezer", and since its discovery had lead to the corruption of numerous physical copies of Saints Row 2 for research purposes. The Freezer effect itself is believed to occur when the game tries to spawn either a zombie NPC or the player's shadow in an invalid location, specifically after the player had previously glitched out of the Zombie Uprising map and back into the main overworld. The digital Xbox 360 version of the game is not believed to have this glitch, as it had been patched unlike the physical version.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Brütal Legend
On the Beach in the northern part of the Western Continent, in a hole in the ruined structures in the area, angling the camera correctly will reveal an out-of-bounds picture of an Asian woman. This person was world builder Fred Selker's girlfriend at the time of the game's development, and its placement at the northern-most/highest area on the world map could be a gesture of affection towards her.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
WipEout 3
A prototype version of this game contained an item, called "Flametrail", which is not present in the final release of the game. It is theorised this item would use the jet engines of the ship as a means of damaging other ships.
Contributed by psyducklover13
One piece of concept art for Chapter 2 by Gigi DG, depicting the entrance to Queen's Mansion, features a note indicating that the design of the building is taken from "that toy story ride." This most likely refers to the Tokyo DisneySea version of Toy Story Mania, which similarly features a giant, grinning effigy of Woody's head as its entrance.
Contributed by game4brains
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
In the January 1993 interview with game's programmer Yuji Naka published in the Beep! magazine, he stated that the rumors about Tails being a girl or Sonic's girlfriend wasn't true, he was always intended to be a boy from the very beginning. He also stated that Tails' name was originally Miles for most of the game's development. His nickname first came up from during a meeting with a producer from ABC.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Although announced, the game was never released in Europe. The release date had been constantly pushed back from its original June 24th, 2005 date before being cancelled altogether with no official explanation.

One rumor that circulated about why the European release was cancelled were false claims that the game's unique gyroscope cartridge required mercury, which the European Union had banned from use in certain electrical and electronic products, to help the gyroscope function.
Contributed by GamerBen144
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Several unused enemies, as well as evidently bosses, still exist within the game's data and can be spawned in-game with a proper third-party cheating device.

A Naga-styled enemy (In Japanese mythology, the Naga is a snake-based monster with the upper torso of a vicious woman) is one notable example, as well as an anthropomorphic demonic tiger which utilized some type of area-of-effect based ice powers. Most notably of all is a towering, multi-armed Hindu-inspired being with green skin and wind-based attacks, who also has functioning "jiggle physics" coded for her breasts during certain animation frames. This unused boss noticeably towers over the player's when hacked in, filling a decent portion of the player's screen.

Although not yet explicitly stated by any developers of Shaolin Monks, it's possible that should these unused characters have made it into the final release, their designs could have emphasized the lore and world building aspects that John Tobias was publicly passionate about in the early installments of the Mortal Kombat continuity. It's equally possible that the two bosses in particular were scrapped simply due to their in-game models holding such stature that extra time and resources would need to be invested in specially designing stages which would house their positions in the linear progression of the story. Hacking either boss in as mentioned above will cause them to clip through surfaces in many of the playable environments.
Contributed by Regen-33
LEGO Batman: The Videogame
Due to the Instruction manual mentioning a "young Tim", and the DS version having a Tim Drake character, the primary Robin in this game is most likely Tim Drake.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Elden Ring
The sorcerous NPC character Selvius may be based on the enigmatic wizard Severus Snape from the Harry Potter franchise. Both have similar first names and Selvius speaks in a posh, judgmental, and condescending tone just as British actor Alan Rickman does frequently in his performance as Snape in the Harry Potter film series.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
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