Full Version: Hyperdimension Neptunia - The design of MarvelousAQL
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So I must be on a real Senran Kagura kick as of late, as I've noticed that the Hyperdimension Neptunia has a DLC character made to resemble multiple members of the Senran Kagura cast.
[Image: latest?cb=20121124045402]
Her name is MarvelousAQL, named after the company that publishes the Senran Kagura games.
As for the specific significance of her design, she borrows some sort of aspect from each of the five members of the Hanzo Academy:
  • Her miniskirt and open shirt are similar to Katsuragi's outfit:
  • Her weapon of choice,¬†twin swords, as well as her read scarf and even her Japanese voice actress, are all taken from series poster character Asuka.
  • Her red eyes are taken from Yagyu's design.
  • Speaking of eyes, the music notes in MarvelousAQL's eyes are similar to the unusual marks in Hibari's eyes.
  • And lastly, the lining on MarvelousAQL's shirt and boots is similar to Ikaruga's outfit.