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Attachment According to Kane Carter (creator of the POPGOES series of fangames), Scott Cawthon had contacted IvanG about possibly allowing the Jolly series to become part of the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, unaware that the series was based on the real-life Filipino fast food chain Jollibee. Before accepting Scott's invitation, IvanG posted a picture on his Twitter of Jolly with a PlayStation 4 controller. This alerted the other Fanverse devs, who promptly told Scott about both the copyrighted material in Jolly and the fact that Ivan was teasing the Fanverse, ultimately leading the series to be dropped from the project.
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Attachment In 2021, Mairusu claimed that his Five Nights at Freddy's fangame, Five Nights in Anime, would be part of the next wave of the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, even having a "teaser" on the Scott Games website. However, he revealed the next day that this was just an April Fools joke.
When explaining what other games can or can't be added to the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative in the future, POPGOES creator Kane Carter revealed that Scott Cawthon was against mature and illegal content like vulgar language, sex, and drugs appearing in anything related to Five Nights at Freddy's. As such, it was unlikely that games like Dayshift at Freddy's and Five Nights at F***boy's would be added to the Initiative. He also revealed that Scott tries to avoid the usage of copyrighted material, and unfortunately, several fangames use content taken from already established IPs or real-life restaurants. This meant that games like Jolly and Jollibee's, Five Nights at Treasure Island, Five Nights at Wario's, and Five Nights with Mac Tonight were all out of the picture due to all of them using copyrighted characters.
subdirectory_arrow_right Five Nights at Freddy's Plus (Game), Phisnom (Company)
In August 2023, several days following a controversy, Phisnom announced that he had been terminated from the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative and would no longer be developing Five Nights at Freddy's Plus. Prior to this, he had been banned from the game's Steam forums and removed as a developer. The day after he announced his removal, the game's Steam page was removed from the public, and on November 10th, all videos and posts related to the game on both Twitter and YouTube were made private, leading to the belief that the game had been cancelled entirely.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month September 23, 2023
A fangame called Chomper's was in development, with the hope that it could become a new title in the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative. However, due to drama involving the game's director, the whole game was cancelled before it was even sent to Scott Cawthon. Despite this, a pitch demo was eventually released for free on Game Jolt.
subdirectory_arrow_right Aftonbuilt (Game)
Aftonbuilt was created as a pitch to Scott Cawthon for an original game made for the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, but it was declined. The game's existence, as well as a demo, were first revealed on April 22, 2022.