Star Fox Adventures
September 22, 2002
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While the Brain Squids that float around in Krystal's opening prologue segment at Krazoa Palace are often thought to be the only common enemies in Star Fox Adventures that she can kill (as she is otherwise stripped of her staff and imprisoned at the top of the palace for the rest of the game), it's actually possible for her to kill a SharpClaw during this segment. The player will need to grab a barrel from the hallway before the flame jet room and place it on the pressure plate in the room after the jets, letting Krystal use the barrel generator in that room for a free barrel. After grabbing that barrel, the player will need to run over to the lift, and once they're in the next hallway, they'll have to go left to the watery barrier, opposite of the Krazoa head where the player normally deposits their Krazoa spirit. From there, if the player waits long enough, a SharpClaw will patrol right by on the other side of the barrier, and from there Krystal can throw her barrel on top of him, immediately destroying him.
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