Full Version: Sonic Adventure 2 Mild Lyrics
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Sonic Adventure 2's Deeper (Theme of the Death Chamber) and Kick the Rock (Theme of Wild Canyon) have some questionable lyrics for an E rated game (however this was before the E+10 rating) so the game has a Mild Lyrics under the ESRB rating on the back. This is due to both songs using the word "Damn" and in the song "Kick the Rock" referring to Rouge as "Sexy and Smooth" and using the word jewels, which in the context of the song, could have been easily misconstrued (however it's quite obvious it was meant literally. However, what is even weirder is that Deeper use of the word Damn (used in a faux conversation between Sonic and Knuckles in which Sonic says" You're damn right, Knuckles!") was cut out of the loop used in the game, and only appears in the soundtrack version of the song. Also, These lyrics weren't caught when Sonic Adventure 2 first released on the Dreamcast, so the Mild Lyrics was only on the Gamecube version.

[Image: 1008722359-00.jpg]

[Image: 600full-sonic-adventure-2%3A-battle-cover.jpg]

(Deeper [For the Death Chamber])

(Kick the Rock![For Wild Canyon])
And now I have another defence for Shadow the Hedgehog's language. Sonic Adventure 2 did it first.

Nice find.
"Yeah, Rouge, she's sexy and smooth A double cross spy thief that's out for my jewels, uh I'm feelin' her in mysterious ways"
Oh god.