Full Version: Let them Eat Cake!
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The cake baked by Mr. Ead in F-Zero GX looks very similar to the cakes baked during the Mario games (furthering the tie in that Mr. Ead is based on Mario, as already noted in the F-Zero series facts).
Here is the cake he bakes:

The cake as seen in Paper Mario, even baked in a similar fashion.

A single slice of the cake (note the yellow color with the single pink stripe, white frosting and strawberry, just like Mr. Ead's cake)
[Image: PaperMario_Items_Cake.png]
A cake from Mario Party 3...
[Image: GameGuy%27sSweetSurpriseMP3.png]
Mario party 2, with the same yellow and pink, WITH strawberries and whipped cream!
[Image: MP2_CakeFactory.JPG]

So, ok, not the perfect clone cake, but pretty close. Considering that he was meant to mimic the Mario games, I doubt this is a coincidence.
You fail for missing the most famous example:
[Image: Peach%27sBirthdayCake.png]

Nice find though.