Full Version: Sonic Adventure 2 has amazing sound direction.....
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In The final battle between Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2, when they use Chaos Control they say the quotes "I'll use your technique!" and "This is the ultimate power!" then proceed to say "Chaos Control!" but because the voice clip for Chaos Control for them is a separate clip than the quotes they say, it'll cut the off so all the player hears is "I'll use your-- Chaos Control!" and "This is ultimate-- Chaos Control!" The only way to hear the full quotes is to rip the sound files from the disc.
(At 8:07)
(At 8:33)
(At 1:22) Against Sonic
(At 1:12) Against Shadow

Also several other quotes cut themselves off, such as Shadow's two quotes "It's time to put this to rest!" and Disappear!" When he uses a Chaos Spear.
(At 2:21)
(At 4:10)
(At 0:15)
(At 3:10)