Full Version: Final Fantasy VII Spanish Translation.
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The original Spanish translation of Final Fantasy VII was riddled with errors.

Here are some bits of information taken from a Spanish forum:

There are some minor mistakes, such as mistaking "Well" for "Rueda" (Wheel) or "Hurry" for "Hurra" (Hooray) but there are others which completely destroy the dialogue. The most remarkable examples are:

-Every time that someone talks about Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa or any other female character from the game, they will be referred as if they were male, as some words in English ("the", "a", almost every adjective... etc.) are used for both males and females, but not in Spanish where most of them vary depending on the gender ("un/una", "el/la"...).

-The word "You" in English is both singular and plural, but in Spanish there are two words for that, "Tú" for singular, and "Vosotros" for plural. The word "Vosotros" is never used in the game.

-The word "Miss" is translated as "Merma" (literally "Decreases").

-One of the worst translated parts is the Gold Saucer, with sentences that don't make any sense, such as "Allévoy" (something like "Hericome" instead of "Allá voy", which means "Here I come") or "¿Quién participaré?" (literally "Who will I participate?").

-The word "Party" is used in every wrong way possible. Sometimes it says "Haz un partido de tres", which means "Make a political party of three", but the most known mistake is in Kalm's Inn, where the inn's owner says "Su fiesta le espera en el piso de arriba" ("fiesta" here meaning cheerful celebration).

Here is a testament to the game's bad translation on TV Tropes:

Quote:And if you think the English translation is bad, the Spanish translation is a Blind Idiot Translation of the English Blind Idiot Translation. Highlights include Aerith and Yuffie being referred to as men at times, Aerith's mother having two names, "techno" translated as a substantive rather than as a prefix/adjective, in a way that in every case it appears it sounds like they're talking about the musical genre (someone in Corel calls Barrett a "monstruo del tecno", which makes it sound like he's a really badass DJ), and "well" somehow being once translated as "rueda" ("Wheel"), among lots of other "marvels". A Spanish Let's Play concluded Aerith was a hermaphrodite.

And here's a bilingual forum member on NeoGaf talking about the game's poor translation:
I found plenty more mistakes while I was researching to submit a good piece of trivia, but I tried to keep it short.

Other examples are "cool" (meaning good-looking) translated to "frío" (cool meaning cold), "preemptive" to "prevacíos" (they didn't know the meaning of the word and thought the "empti" had sonething to do with "empty", "vacío" in Spanish) or even verbs conjugated in a non-existent tense, such as "integraró" (the verb is "to integrate", but the tense doesn't exist at all). And I could keep finding more all day XD

The first time I played this game years ago I wondered what the Localization Team was thinking before releasing this. At least, it was pretty hilarious, like most of the Spanish translations made in the 90s, but it's good to know that they've improved (except the ones who made Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, whose translation was garbage).