Full Version: Removed endings in DOA1
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The western version of Dead Or Alive removes the epilogues from each character's arcade mode.

Kasumi: Translated by u/byoushitsu

"I won, Brother,"

She thought, looking down at her brother's enemy fallen at her feet. As if some weight had been lifted off her chest, she recalled the memories of her countryside family which she had forced herself to forget.

The brother who was always with her since her childhood. The parents who used to always look fondly after her...

"I want to return home..."

In these sorrowful thoughts, her heart warmed up. While in a daze, she started walking out of the fog which had somewhat cleared.

Jann Lee: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“Is that it?”

Jann Lee defeated his final opponent, but he was still left unsatisfied.

As he stood there, a group of young and impressionable boys rushed to his side.

The kids blathered on and on with excitement in their voices:

“Mister, mister! That was so awesome!”

“You’re the coolest! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!”

For a brief moment, Jann Lee found himself in parallel with the heroes from his martial arts films whom he grew up admiring.

He couldn’t help but smile as he walked off...

Leifang: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“That’s him! The dragon-man!”

From atop the winner’s podium with a slight triumphant air, Lei Fang suddenly leaped down and dashed through the crowd of people. Lei Fang caught up to him and struck the man in the back of the head with a fierce elbow blow—it was Jann Lee, the man wearing dragon embroidery.

“Agh! What the hell?!”

“Are you kidding me?! How could you lose?!”

She took aim at the stunned Jann Lee and hit him in the face—again, and again. Lei Fang kept on beating the man who had once saved her, shouting,
“You stupid, stupid idiot! Idiot! Idiot! idiot!”

“Ow! Ouchouchouchouchouchowww!”

Tina: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“Woo! I won! I’m the star of the show, y’all!”

Tina stepped atop the winner’s podium as media reporters came flooding in for an interview. She struck a pose and basked in the spotlight as they took her photo.
“Ah! Ain’t nothin’ better than this!”

One after another, the reporters turned their mics toward Tina and inundated her with questions:

“Ms. Armstrong! Is it true you’re going to give Men’s Professional Wrestling a run for their money next?”

“Huh? What’re you talkin’ about?”

“Are you going to form a tag team with your father now?”


“Ms. Armstrong! The sky’s the limit! What are your plans now that you’ve won?”

“… Ugh! This is so lame! I don’t care about any of this junk—I just wanna be a model!”

Hayabusa: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“Irene... It’s over now.”

Ryu’s heart was at peace now that he had defeated the opponent who had been terrorizing them.

The ambiance of the tournament still lingered as he made his way across the stage. Ryu hurried onward with a sense of impatience about him.


Somewhere, someone called out his name; Ryu slowly looked over his surroundings.

Little by little, the crowd of people began to dissipate like a fog. It was Irene, calling out from afar. With a smile on her face, Irene began walking toward him...

Bayman: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“All done here.”

After defeating the bodyguard sent in by the tournament organizer, Bayman snuck away from the stage
to accomplish his original mission.

Shrouded in darkness, Bayman waited until Fame Douglas, the organizer of the tournament, came into
his line of sight. Bayman crept up behind him and wrapped one muscular arm around Douglas’s neck.

Suddenly, Bayman remembered the horrible image of his parents being gunned down by a hail of
gunfire. Bayman shook off the memory as he squeezed his arm with all his might. And Douglas fell to the
ground lifelessly with an unsatisfying sound.

—Mission accomplished.

Zack: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“Heh heh! Check me out, baby!”

Zack made quick work of the tournament organizer’s weirdo lap-dog and nabbed himself the victory.

Zack took the prize in a lump sum of cash, leaped up on the podium, turned to the crowd and shouted,
“Drinks are on ya boy tonight, and all y’all invited!”

By the time he reached the exit, Zack had amassed a group of people as far as the eye could see. One person from the crowd seemed to worry, though, “Dude, you’re gonna blow all your money on us!”

Zack burst out in raucous laughter and said, “No big deal! Just gotta win it again!”

Gen Fu: Translated by @Oni_Dino

“It’s finally over...”

As he looked down at the tournament organizer’s defeated bodyguard, a rather pleasant sense of fatigue washed over Gen Fu. His fists were as sharp as ever. And thanks to this victory, Gen Fu’s spirit was healed of the painful memories that scarred him.

“Don’t you worry, Mei Lin. I’m on my way home.”

Mentally, Gen Fu was already back in that hospital in his hometown. He could now save the life of his young granddaughter with the prize money.

He no longer had a need to fight. Gen Fu clenched his fists tightly and took a step forward with conviction...

Raidou: Translated by u/pipestream

"So this is it..."

Raidou whispered to himself, looking down upon his fallen enemy before him.

"After all, this is all it is."

A long time had passed since Raidou was expelled from the Mugen Tenshinryuu village. He had only hungered for power ever since. He fought all and every fighter and claimed his technique his own.

Even as he received the invitation to participate in the tournament, he felt this might sate his hunger for power.

However, it seems all was in vain.

Raidou called for thunder and disappeared into the mist...