Full Version: Gold(en) Tengu
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First of all, I like to give some shoutouts to the "Street Fighter story crew" at the SRK forums for finding this out.

Have you noticed the hand signals that Oro makes when he is either blocking, parrying, using his normal fireball or his Yagyou Dama?

[Image: oiQ2oC9.jpg] (Oro's moveset

This hand gestures are called 'Mudra', which are symbolic or ritual gestures from the Hinduist and Buddhist faiths. Some of this were incorporated into various Asian Martial Arts, Ninjutsu being the earliest adopter of those in Japanese territory. (a video explaining what I stated above)

Aditionally, depending on where does Oro's hand gesture is placed he is drawning his prana (ki energy) from that part. When placed on the head he's drawing energy from the brow chakra, when placed on the chest he's drawing energy from the heart chakra.

[Image: WO4yLr4.jpg]

[Image: rog2n06.jpg]

[Image: s8Crkwb.jpg]

[Image: nYmSrxC.jpg]

[Image: y0xlcci.jpg]

Fun fact: the title of this thread references Oro's name, which is the Spanish/Italian word for 'Gold', referencing the character's skin color.