Full Version: Cruis'n USA - Trophy Girl, Anutza Herling aka Shyla Foxxx
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In the game Cruis'n USA for the Arcade and Nintendo 64, the trophy girl who appears at the end of each race when you come first place is pornographic actress Shyla Foxxx, however she's credited in the game under her birth name Anutza Herling.

Here's a picture of the trophy girl from the Arcade version of the game.

Here's footage from the Arcade version of the game. Trophy girl pops-up at 16:27.

Here's an image from the game's credits which credits Anutza Herling as the trophy girl.

From the book Celebs Named: 10,000+ Celebrities' birth name by Burt Vance, it lists Shyla Foxxx's birth name as Anutza Herling which can be found here.

I won't post any links here to Shyla Foxxx as they're mostly all NSFW, but feel free to search her up in your own leisure.