Full Version: Mighty No. 9 - Arin Hanson
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In the game Mighty No. 9, on the level "Highway" you can find a billboard passing by of Arin Hanson, popular YouTube animator and co-host of the let's play series Game Grumps, with the tagline "Face In the Game!!"

Here's a screen cap of the billboard seen in the level.

And here's the full artwork from the game (image courtesy of Dazz (ps. follow him)).

During the game's Kickstarter, anyone who had pledged $2,500 US or more to the project was eligible to have a 2D image of their face somewhere in the game, and of course Arin was a backer.

Arin also appears in the game's credits as did nearly everyone who backed the game's Kickstarter, as 'Mighty No. 12226' (go from 35:28 of the video).

(screen capture of credit)